Non Profit Council




The Exton Region Chamber of Commerce Nonprofit Council works to enhance and contribute to the quality of life in Exton community by assisting in the growth and development of its Non-Profit Organizations.

The Goals of the Council

  1. To provide opportunities for the nonprofits to network with each other,
  2. To assist in efforts to recruit volunteers and donations,
  3. To promote fundraising efforts and events,
  4. To facilitate collaboration between the nonprofits and local businesses,
  5. To enrich the business community by providing the opportunity to invest in and partner with the non-profit community,
  6. To enrich the nonprofit community by providing the opportunity to utilize local businesses,
  7. To become a strong collective voice to the community,
  8. And, to insure the economic vitality of the non-profit community.

Benefits of Membership for Non-Profits

  •  A discounted membership rate
  •  A free email blast to members per year
  •  Free Chamber mailing list once per quarter
  • Exclusive networking and educational events
  • Free web posting of community events, volunteer requests, and donation opportunities (Coming Soon)

Non-Profit Council Events

Annual Non-Profit Board Reception (August 27th, 2015)

This is a networking event for Board Members and Executive Directors of Non-Profit Members, providing them with an opportunity to network with each other and share each other’s stories.

Non-Profit Luncheon

One monthly ERCC luncheon will focus on Non-Profits.  The speaker will be a leader in the non-profit sector, there will be opportunities for attending non-profits to set up a table and give a 1-2 minute appeal to those attending about their organization.

Non-Profit Leadership Summit

The event, designed to provide education and networking opportunities to non-profit staff, will include staff, Executive Directors, and members of the board of directors.  Potential topics: social media, public relations, advertising, fundraising, volunteers, grant proposals, sites to find people, ideas on how to make things easier and better, out of the box thinking, etc.

Non-Profit Roundtable

Quarterly morning meetings which will provide a forum for members to present their organizations as well as allow time to network and meet other Chamber members interested in making our community stronger.  Each Roundtable will be facilitated by member of the Council.

Volunteer Day (B. I. G. Day, Be Involved Give – South Metro Denver Chamber)/Adopt-a-Chamber

The B.I.G. Day is the chamber’s annual initiatives to promote non-profits and serve the in an array of projects involving hundreds of volunteers. One day to volunteer your time, effort and equity sweat for the good of the community!

Mixer with Shakers Event

Each year the Chamber’s “Mixer with Shakers” event brings together the business for-profit and non-profit communities to raise funds for a variety of charitable causes. The event features special guest bartenders (volunteer business leaders) who “mix it up” on behalf of their favorite charities. Attendees include Chamber members and non-members who purchase drink tickets, tip the bartenders and vote for the best cocktail…all of which result in donations to participating charity organizations.

This Council meets in the Chamber office from 3 PM to 4 PM on the fourth Tuesday of every month.  Email to join.

mack.jpgJen Mack
Citadel Federal Credit Union


Bill Friedmann-croppedBill Friedmann
Blue Dog Printing and Design


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First Resource Bank


1f0d03ab6383409440f8978cb8b4a291_f1041Diana Mattingly
Bryn Mawr Trust Company


Toren Peterson -croppedToren Peterson
United Way of Chester County


Charles Retif - croppedCharles Retif
Citadel Federal Credit Union – Chester Springs